VARIAN® : 3 textures …




A patented eco-material combining the grandeur of flax to the high performance of a plant resin.

Born after 3 years of research and development, VARIAN® is a fabric made of composite yarns combining plant-based fibres and bio-based resin.

A subtle blend which makes VARIAN® stronger than a simple fabric and more noble than plastic. It draws from the best of both to create a unique fabric striking the right balance between flexibility and rigidity.

An elegant fabric by its very materials and shapes, VARIAN® is also highly resistant and yet is lightweight and malleable. It comes in warm colours with a soft feel, lending itself to dynamic and modern applications.

Patented eco-material

The plus features: healthy and eco-friendly

A true fabric for creations, VARIAN® adheres to the values of environment and health protection.

VARIAN® is the ultimate eco-friendly material in that it can be composted or recycled at the end of its life cycle, a requirement that will soon become essential to environment protection, health and better living. Non-irritant and VOC free, it protects both the user’s health and the operator’s health.

Its unique and patented technology is based on dry impregnation, free of water and solvents, for reduced energy consumption and significant reduction in CO² emissions.

Eco-friendly material

“Ready-to-use” and highly adaptable, at the service of creation

VARIAN® is sold in a “ready-to-use” form, which does not require any special tools or heavy investment for the user.
Simply heat it and shape it to make your own creations.

Inspired by leading-edge composite materials

VARIAN® marries the ease of use of textiles with the ease of shaping of plastics.

Simply use a pair of scissors or a sewing machine, or a press for more complex shapes.

The same woven base can range from textured to smooth depending on the choice of finishes and from rigid to flexible depending on the play of the folds and the shapes.